• How many times have you heard the phrase, “Better to be safe than sorry?” The words never ring more than true than when you’re traveling and you’re at the mercy of others who are, shall we say, “interested” in your stuff. Grab Guard is one device worth having if you’re extra concerned about keeping your belongings secure. Think of it as a miniature padlock for your backpack, purse..even a diaper bag. Remember fumbling with your high school locker? This simple device makes up for all those frustrating moments. Simply select a two-digit combination, punch in the numbers, pull the lock and you have access to your all your personal items. Did we mention that this doesn’t look like your old school lock either? The Grab Guard comes inĀ  a variety of colors, including lime green which my daughter loves it. Hey, with the “G” right on the lock, let her think it stands for Gucci. Yes, safety can be fashionable, too.

    In a Nutshell: You can never be too careful. You’ll thank yourself later for taking this extra step.

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