• just add bubbles

    I love kid things that resemble adult products, but in miniature. Think bite-size chocolate bars, Dixie-cup sized Haagen Daaz…yes, I realize these are all tasty treats, but after all, it is getting close to dinnertime. But there is a logical train of thought here: after a good meal, we head upstairs for bath time where my almost-6-year-old daughter must share her turf with her little 2-year-old sister. Not always a fun fest. Maybe that’s why I get such a kick out of the hoppop Bato Baby Bath. It’s a hoot to see this pint-sized tub, the perfect mirror image of our bathroom fixture, fit directly inside it. The sides are high enough that the little one gets to hang on to her own bath toys without her older sister hogging them. Plus, I like that she can stretch out in plenty of space without having to push her limbs up against a shelf to hold soap, etc. (I never understood the need for those; they can never hold everything. And besides, I have the bathroom floor for that.) And because the Bato Bath holds up to 50 lbs., I can plan on hanging on to this durable bath for a while…That is, unless my finicky toddler eats more than a handful of pasta. But that’s a story for another day.

    In a Nutshell: Bathtime just got a whole lot more cute. Your kid in this tub is a photo opp just waiting to happen…

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