• Fess up: just how many baby gear items do you lug around from your house, to Grandma’s and back home again? If you had the ability to fold up any of them and fit them into your diaper bag, you’d be in heaven…okay, well maybe your back would ache a little less. Snazzy Baby has the right idea with My Baby’s Own Deluxe Travel Chair, a portable high chair that can strap your little one in for mealtime, and when she’s finished eating, you fold into its own handy pouch and slip right into your bag. No fuss, no muss–and no slumped shoulders for you.

    In a Nutshell: Just because you’re already weighed down with a stroller and an Exersaucer doesn’t mean you can’t lighten your load. This ultra thin seat won’t take up too much space and it’ll give your child a secure spot for her–and your–dining pleasure.

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