• If your family’s kitchen is anything like mine, you make a concerted effort to stretch those meals into leftovers. Granted, I’m no hero–we love pizza night just like everyone else–but whenever possible, I do try to make more than one dish out a main ingredient. Think roasted chicken for Tuesday night’s dinner into Wednesday’s chicken salad for lunch…you get the picture. Because I can never seem to get my hands on enough reusable food containers–and always seem to forget to pick them up at the grocery store–I know I can’t go wrong with the 40-piece Fresh Keeper Set. Not only do the lids match their containers, so I can organize leftovers by color, but the included Lid Organizer lets me get my hands on the right pieces in a snap. What’s especially handy is the built-in date-set feature with a movable pointer that I can use to track just how long that batch of tomato sauce has been around; I don’t need to dig up any labels or write directly on the container, which always seems to fade away anyhow. Now there’s no question of whether or not something is edible…But I didn’t say anything about my cooking expertise…

    In a Nutshell: Say “yes” to leftovers with this colorful, organized system that will make you feel more like Martha Stewart than the harried short-order cook that you really are.

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