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take a seat

Fess up: just how many baby gear items do you lug around from your house, to Grandma’s and back home again? If you had the ability to fold up any of them and fit them into your diaper bag, you’d be in heaven…okay, well maybe your back would ache a little less. Snazzy Baby has the right idea with My Baby’s Own Deluxe Travel Chair, a portable high chair that can strap your little one in for mealtime, and when she’s finished eating, you fold into its own handy pouch and slip right into your bag. No fuss, no muss–and no slumped shoulders for you.

In a Nutshell: Just because you’re already weighed down with a stroller and an Exersaucer doesn’t mean you can’t lighten your load. This ultra thin seat won’t take up too much space and it’ll give your child a secure spot for her–and your–dining pleasure.

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one hot mama

After doing endless loads of laundry and changing your baby for the umpteenth time that day, it helps to keep your sense of humor intact with some amusing attire. As the weather begins to heat up, it’s that time of year when you can get away with dressing your little one in a Onesie–and nothing more. Bibi & Mimi has come out with a line of baby bodysuits adorned with witty sayings, such as “Ribbit means I’m adorable in frog” and, my personal favorite, “My mom is a hottie.” (Hey, a little flattery goes a long way.) If you’re picking up these must-have pieces for a friend’s new baby, you’ll be good to go since it comes packaged in a keepsake tote with ribbon handle.

In a Nutshell: Your baby can never have too many Onesies. Make at least one of them a fashion statement that keeps ‘em covered.

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keep a lid on it

If your family’s kitchen is anything like mine, you make a concerted effort to stretch those meals into leftovers. Granted, I’m no hero–we love pizza night just like everyone else–but whenever possible, I do try to make more than one dish out a main ingredient. Think roasted chicken for Tuesday night’s dinner into Wednesday’s chicken salad for lunch…you get the picture. Because I can never seem to get my hands on enough reusable food containers–and always seem to forget to pick them up at the grocery store–I know I can’t go wrong with the 40-piece Fresh Keeper Set. Not only do the lids match their containers, so I can organize leftovers by color, but the included Lid Organizer lets me get my hands on the right pieces in a snap. What’s especially handy is the built-in date-set feature with a movable pointer that I can use to track just how long that batch of tomato sauce has been around; I don’t need to dig up any labels or write directly on the container, which always seems to fade away anyhow. Now there’s no question of whether or not something is edible…But I didn’t say anything about my cooking expertise…

In a Nutshell: Say “yes” to leftovers with this colorful, organized system that will make you feel more like Martha Stewart than the harried short-order cook that you really are.

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out to lunch

As the saying goes, good things come in small packages. And when you’re talking about kids’ lunchboxes, the less bulky, the better (and the less likely to stuff them with junk food). With two new, sleek choices that are both sturdy and stylish, brown bags are no longer necessary. The yubo Lunch Box (left) will not only please kids, but moms, too. It’s dishwasher-safe, so any spills or “accidents in transit” (think overturned yogurt cups and jelly sandwiches gone haywire) are a non-issue. Because you can change the faceplates or personalize your own, kids never tire of the look. It’s worth investing in the deluxe yubo, which comes with three reusable food containers (does it feel like you can should take stock in Ziplocs?) and an slim ice box to keep everything cool. Now that’s cool.

For an equally hip, environmentally-friendly lunch box, check out LunchBots, a futuristic model that is small on space but not on practicality. The stainless steel container has two compartments for packing snacks and small entrees. The no-nonsense design makes it a great choice for kids as well as grown-ups.

In a Nutshell: There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but with these carrying solutions, there’s no excuse not to bring your meals to school or work anymore.


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sit up straight

As I sit here hunched over my computer, I can’t help but hear the parental voice in my head: “Shoulders back. Sit up straight.” Oddly enough, I correct my own 5-year-old’s posture almost daily. So that she and other kids won’t have to go through her formative years as a hunchback, Posture in Style has created an ergonomically designed line of children’s furniture that makes strained necks and achy backs a forgotten memory. Desks and chairs are completely adjustable, and the desktops can tilt to accommodate your child’s shift in focus. The swing-up keyboard trays are especially noteworthy (no carpel tunnel for future adults). And how great is it to change the height of the chair as your child grows. Aside from being practical–no need to buy new furniture for every growth spurt–these pieces are stylish, too. Wish my home office could benefit from these–can we get them in grown-up sizes, too?

In a Nutshell: Live vicariously through your child with this smartly designed furniture assortment, and save on those chiropractor bills once and for all.

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disguised diapering

Having a sense of humor as a parent kinda comes with the territory; I know if I didn’t laugh off half the things that happen during the course of an average day, I’d be crying instead. Hats off to the witty Stinky Bum Clutch, an accessory no new mom should live without. You know those times when you’re heading out with the kids, just for a short while, and you know you’ll need an extra diaper….yet you desperately want to look like a sophisticated grown-up (or at least, fool yourself into thinking you actually are one). Well, this clutch may actually convince you that just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you’ve permanently lost your sense of style. First off, it’s small (think I don’t need to tote my entire life around in this bag). Second, it’s insulated so you can carry wet wipes, a diaper or two..but nothing that screams “bulky.” And the sense of humor I mentioned earlier? Stamped right on the front. (There’ll be no mistaking this clutch for your evening bag).

In a Nutshell: Fashion and function for today’s mom? It’s in the bag…

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