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    If a man’s home is his castle, then a baby’s home is her sanctuary…at least that what moms would like it to feel like. Think about how less stressed you’d feel if you could sit with your baby in a comfortable glider for her umpteenth feeding of the day, read “Goodnight Moon” under a lamp you wish you could have in your bedroom and settle her down to sleep in bedding that is so stylish, it makes your comforter look like it’s been through the wash one too many times. The Oilo Collection of modern nursery decor and furnishings is one worth checking out. From pillows and crib linens that feature contemporary, bold graphics, to faux leather gliders that are buttery soft, each item in the line is a conversion piece that complements one another perfectly. We’re particularly partial to the bedding, whose clean lines really pop, and come in names that roll right off  the tongue like Raindrops and Cobblestone (are you getting sleepy yet?). While this collection doesn’t come cheaply, consider that these products hail from a high-end design company that knows about creating the right look for your home firsthand.

    In a Nutshell: Your little one will feel like a prince (or princess) in a room containing these regal furnishings. And didn’t you always want to be queen anyway?

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