• the grass is always greener

    Bottle drying racks are hardly a conversation piece…until now. Boon’s Grass is not only practical, but it’s bound to catch your eye, especially amidst all the utilitarian models on store shelves. What’s handy is that Grass comes in two parts, so you can wash the base and “grass” separately. We like the whimsical design that makes it look like it could double as a liner for an Easter basket–or maybe that’s just wishful thinking that spring is right around the corner. If you’re into products that don’t scream “baby,” then this is the drying rack for you. Because the “blades” don’t conform to standard bottle size, you can dry practically anything you like on it: sippy cups, bottles, utensils, pacifiers, etc. Hey, it even works as a cushy place to dry “big kid” beverage tumblers, too. Now you can literally take over your kid’s turf–how refreshing.

    In a Nutshell: Something that has actually has a life beyond the baby years? We’ll take two…


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