• music to little ears

    You may have been doing 100% baby-related stuff since you found out you were expecting. But just because you’ll be someone’s mom soon doesn’t mean you have to forget about your likes, too. Better yet, why not share them? If sweet tunes are your passion, let your baby-to-be take a listen to your playlist. bellybuds wearable speakers are the latest way to bond in utero and introduce your child to the sound of music. Dubbed as ‘audio in utero to go,’ these speakers are the ticket to enjoying your time with your baby before she officially arrives. Simply affix the speakers to your growing belly by applying a dab of the hydra-gel adhesive on the bottom of each one. Then, connect them to your iPod and crank up the volume (well, not too high). Since developing babies can begin to hear as early as 5 months, you’ve got plenty of time to get her up to speed on everybody from ABC to ZZ Top.

    In a Nutshell: It’ll more fun acquainting your little one with the Black Eyed Peas than pureed peas. Be prepared to experience a lot of kicking!


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