• H2–whoa!

    There’s no denying it: Your child will undoubtedly get thirsty at some point today. And we all know how much kids prefer to get hyped up on sugary sweet libations than the stuff that does a body good. Well, how about the stuff that does a brain good? The folks at Wat-Aah! are on to something. This line of water that contains no sugar, calories or coloring is smartly packaged in four functional varieties–bones, brain, energy and body–designed to not only quench thirsts, but satisfy the nagging “why do I have to drink water?” query. We love that it comes in a cup holder-friendly, whopping 16.9-oz. recyclable bottle–perfect for the car ride to soccer practice.

    In a Nutshell: You can lead a kid to water, but you can’t make him drink it. Finally, a line that makes it cool to drink up.

    Bonus: Wat-Aah is sponsoring the 2010 New York International Children’s Film Festival, being held from Feb. 26-March 21. To enter to win a pair of tickets to a selected showing, follow Wat-Aah on Twitter or visit Wat-Aah’s blog. Winners will be announced on Friday, Feb. 26. Good luck!

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    1. Susan

      WAT-AAH! would like to thank you for participating and for the positive review, and we want to make sure that everyone understands that behind that screaming boy, bright colors and fun packaging, is a clear mission to offset the greatest health risk in our children’s lives – childhood obesity. Our task is to diminish our kids’ dependency on sugar-laden beverages like soda and sports drinks, the number one cause of over-consumption of sugar in children, and help kids and their parents live healthy, happy LONG lives!

      First Lady Michelle Obama, who has launched a national campaign against childhood obesity, realizes that helping kids and their parents make better choices when it comes to food is vital in this fight. We at WAT-AAH! are proud to be doing our part to help curb this epidemic.

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