• drink your milk

    Baby bottles have come a long way since the old-fashioned glass ones that needed to be sterilized. As their designs become more sleek and easy to clean, they become…well, attractive. (Who knew drinking milk could be so trendy?). The latest BPA-free bottle to catch our eye is one that happens to have a catchy name. The Very Hungry Bottle sports a curved shape that practically beckons baby to drink up, while the silicone nipple has a textured nipple meant to mimic your breast. We especially liked the no-skid bottom, which makes it easy to fill the bottle and attach the nipple with just one hand (you know how talented we mommies can be). You won’t be able to resist the whimsical packaging: a red milk carton that is as inviting as it is endearing.

    In a Nutshell: Whether you’re weaning your baby or simply looking for a bottle that will keep her content, be prepared to stock up on these babies.

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