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the best seat in the house (or Grandma’s, the park…)

Those comfy portable seats you bring to the beach and the park are now perfectly sized for little one, from babies to big kids. The Go & Grow Chair is meant to go wherever you go with your family. And it’s works as soon as your baby can sit up; there’s a 3-point harness to keep her in place, loops for attaching toys and a tray and sun shade, both of which you can remove when not in use. As she grows, simply fold the seat cover into the front pocket so she can stand or stretch if she wants to (you know how fidgety she can get when she’s sitting too long…). And when your baby is no longer…well, a baby, Go & Grow turns into one of those chairs that looks just like yours, so your kid can relax and join you on your picnic. And when it’s time to head home, just fold it up, pop it into the lightweight bag and you’re ready to go. Now if you can only get your kid to carry it home herself, you’ll be golden…

In a Nutshell: With this lightweight chair, you’re ready for a little companion to join you at outdoor concerts this summer.

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a drier bum

Nobody knows the discomfort of a wet behind quite like your baby does. Sure, it may annoy you to have to change her so often, but she’s the one who’s feeling the wetness. Pampers has just enhanced its line of Swaddlers and Cruisers with a special Dry Max technology–in plain English, that means a more absorbent diaper that’s reportedly 2o percentĀ  thinner than the original brand. (We’re all for less bulky!) Pampers with Dry Max will be available in stores beginning in March.

In a Nutshell: Diapers that are thinner and stay drier long translates to fewer trips to the changing table for you. And that means fewer “contributions” to the diaper pail–and more ways to help save the planet.

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WAT-AAH! Black lo


There’s no denying it: Your child will undoubtedly get thirsty at some point today. And we all know how much kids prefer to get hyped up on sugary sweet libations than the stuff that does a body good. Well, how about the stuff that does a brain good? The folks at Wat-Aah! are on to something. This line of water that contains no sugar, calories or coloring is smartly packaged in four functional varieties–bones, brain, energy and body–designed to not only quench thirsts, but satisfy the nagging “why do I have to drink water?” query. We love that it comes in a cup holder-friendly, whopping 16.9-oz. recyclable bottle–perfect for the car ride to soccer practice.

In a Nutshell: You can lead a kid to water, but you can’t make him drink it. Finally, a line that makes it cool to drink up.

Bonus: Wat-Aah is sponsoring the 2010 New York International Children’s Film Festival, being held from Feb. 26-March 21. To enter to win a pair of tickets to a selected showing, follow Wat-Aah on Twitter or visit Wat-Aah’s blog. Winners will be announced on Friday, Feb. 26. Good luck!

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drink your milk

Baby bottles have come a long way since the old-fashioned glass ones that needed to be sterilized. As their designs become more sleek and easy to clean, they become…well, attractive. (Who knew drinking milk could be so trendy?). The latest BPA-free bottle to catch our eye is one that happens to have a catchy name. The Very Hungry Bottle sports a curved shape that practically beckons baby to drink up, while the silicone nipple has a textured nipple meant to mimic your breast. We especially liked the no-skid bottom, which makes it easy to fill the bottle and attach the nipple with just one hand (you know how talented we mommies can be). You won’t be able to resist the whimsical packaging: a red milk carton that is as inviting as it is endearing.

In a Nutshell: Whether you’re weaning your baby or simply looking for a bottle that will keep her content, be prepared to stock up on these babies.


swing time

How I wish the mamaRoo were around when my now-toddler was a babe. The jungle swing I thought that would soothe this savage beast failed to silence her roar (would anything?). This innovative infant seat is not only a looker, but it does what , up until now, only your loving embrace could do. The mamaRoo is designed not to rock or swing, but bounce and sway (sound familiar?). There are 5 different motions, each with its own telltale name: Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock-A-Bye and Ocean Wave. (The only one we would have added was Washing Machine.) You can speed up or slow down the mamaRoo as your baby demands. Need some soothing sounds? Try the built-in nature calls, or hook up your MP3 player to create your own oasis. If they made one of these in adult sizes, imagine how you could de-stress after a long day.

In a Nutshell: The mamaRoo is the mother of all infant seats: sophisticated design, the right kind of motion and a secure spot for your little one to recline. Your tired arms will thank you. It’s available for pre-order beginning February 26 and will be in stores April 30.

get a grip!

As much as I wanted my kindergartner to graduate to a regular drinking glass, I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of wiping up more spills than I already do. Alas, the faded Thomas train on her favorite cup seemed to be crying out, “Retire me, please!” What a perfect opportunity to try out Siliskin Glass, a new line of BPA-free drinking cups for the child who’s too big for a sippy cup, but hasn’t yet mastered the dexterity of handling glassware–or for the moms who are too chicken to let them. The name alone was enough to grab my attention–what’s silly about broken glass? And that’s exact the point. Siliskin is a protective silicone wrapper that “hugs” a glass tumbler, so that kids can drink with reckless abandon and get a handle (literally) on their cup. My daughter loves that she can drink her OJ without rattling my caffeine-induced nerves at the breakfast table. And I love that Siliskin Glass is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, making clean-up and safety a snap for this busy mom.

In a Nutshell: With easy-grip glassware, there’s no need to cry over spilled milk.

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ah, instant relief

Gone through more than your fair share of diaper rash creams and ointments, and still no improvement? The latest trend in getting rid of those pesky red bumps and irritating rash on your little one’s precious bum doesn’t involve any creams or powders any kind. Learning Curve’s Bottom Care Diaper Rash Relief System is a novel concept that works in two steps. First, you pop one of the re-usable cool gel pads in the fridge for a few hours. Then, when your little one’s derriere is freshly scrubbed and free of any previous diaper rash cream applications, insert the gel pad into one of the cloth sleeves (the magic in them: they’re coated with a milk-based protein). Now tuck the pad into your baby’s diaper and let the healing begin. Sound too complicated or involved? Trust me: If you’ve tried just about every tube on the market, this system is worth a shot. The power of the cooling gel and the comfortable padding helped reduce the redness tremendously.

In a Nutshell: No messy creams to contend with and…wait, do I see a smile on my daughter’s face during a diaper change? It’s a beautiful thing.


the grass is always greener

Bottle drying racks are hardly a conversation piece…until now. Boon’s Grass is not only practical, but it’s bound to catch your eye, especially amidst all the utilitarian models on store shelves. What’s handy is that Grass comes in two parts, so you can wash the base and “grass” separately. We like the whimsical design that makes it look like it could double as a liner for an Easter basket–or maybe that’s just wishful thinking that spring is right around the corner. If you’re into products that don’t scream “baby,” then this is the drying rack for you. Because the “blades” don’t conform to standard bottle size, you can dry practically anything you like on it: sippy cups, bottles, utensils, pacifiers, etc. Hey, it even works as a cushy place to dry “big kid” beverage tumblers, too. Now you can literally take over your kid’s turf–how refreshing.

In a Nutshell: Something that has actually has a life beyond the baby years? We’ll take two…


music to little ears

You may have been doing 100% baby-related stuff since you found out you were expecting. But just because you’ll be someone’s mom soon doesn’t mean you have to forget about your likes, too. Better yet, why not share them? If sweet tunes are your passion, let your baby-to-be take a listen to your playlist. bellybuds wearable speakers are the latest way to bond in utero and introduce your child to the sound of music. Dubbed as ‘audio in utero to go,’ these speakers are the ticket to enjoying your time with your baby before she officially arrives. Simply affix the speakers to your growing belly by applying a dab of the hydra-gel adhesive on the bottom of each one. Then, connect them to your iPod and crank up the volume (well, not too high). Since developing babies can begin to hear as early as 5 months, you’ve got plenty of time to get her up to speed on everybody from ABC to ZZ Top.

In a Nutshell: It’ll more fun acquainting your little one with the Black Eyed Peas than pureed peas. Be prepared to experience a lot of kicking!