• snug as a…baby?

    Cold winter days like these are a foregone conclusion for many of us. If you think it’s tough to put your feet on the ground after a warm night snuggled in your bed, imagine being a newborn unearthed from her snug cocoon. (Moms who have to wake sleeping babies in order to pick up their older child from preschool, take note). The Snug & Tug makes the get-up-and-go a little more…well, bearable for little ones. This swaddling blanket’s new design lets you slip the straps and buckles of a car seat through the blanket’s opening (see above) without disturbing your sleeping child. It works in strollers, too, so if you’re an on-the-go mom, you’ll truly appreciate this blanket’s resourcefulness.

    In a Nutshell: Your mom always said, “Never wake a sleeping baby.” Now you really don’t have to. Those winter days are a little less awful now. Now what can we do about our own cold tootsies?…

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