• in-flight entertainment

    There’s nothing more jarring on an airplane than a crying baby. I can remember during my former life, how many flights I took for business and pleasure that were made less pleasurable by an unhappy little traveler. While older kids can be occupied by a movie or handheld gaming device, little ones don’t yet possess the attention span we wish they could. That’s why the ingenuity behind the AirPlay may finally put this headache to rest once and for all. The same company that brought you the Snack & Play Travel Tray that we reviewed earlier this year is back at it–this time, with a solution to entertain the age 2 and younger crowd. This double-sided activity center slips over a standard airplane tray table to turn an eating surface into a self-contained play space for babies ages 6 months-24 years. If your child is not yet mobile (lucky you), this is a great way to keep her amused while on your lap. There are plenty of fun choices: a crinkly strip, an oversized button, buckle and zipper and even a mirror for the ever-popular game of peek-a-boo. What’s great is that your child can use AirPlay even if the tray table is locked and stowed away in its upright position. That’s right–a way to keep busy even during landing.

    In a Nutshell: You may not be able to take that trip sans kids this year. But if you are traveling with your baby, this clever product may buy you a few moments of peace that you crave.

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