• A sucker for Santa

    Yup, I mean what I say; the big guy in the red suit really does it for me. So when MAM came out with its line of Holiday Pacifiers, I couldn’t resist. If someone had shown me these five years ago, I would have scoffed at the very notion of a pacifier (not my kid!). And yet when my now-18 month old was a mere babe and we couldn’t quiet her constant crying jags, a “binky” (not my favorite word) was the only thing that seemed to calm her–and us. These seasonal suckers are quite festive-looking, available in snowman, doves, reindeer and Santa designs. MAM has a reputation for well-designed feeding supplies and these BPA-free pacifiers are no exception. They are orthodontic in shape and feature tiny air holes in the shield to prevent skin irritation. Chafed skin is the last thing you want for holiday photos.

    In a Nutshell: Your little one will be all smiles when you give her one of these pacifiers, which make great stocking stuffers. Eat your heart out, Maggie Simpson.

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