• a place to rest that juicebox

    My 5-year-old has been “trained” to know that once she’s finished sipping her drink, she needs to locate a proper resting place for it–or, as we grown-ups have come to know it as, a coaster. And as most of us know, it helps when products are kid-friendly and eye-catching, while conveniently disguised as a clever product that gets the job done. That’s why I really like the Coasters for Kids, a line of whimsically designed drink “resters” that look so cool, kids won’t even realize they’re practicing good manners while using them. Each coaster features a beverage of choice–milk, orange juice and more–and identifies said drink with a fun, boldfaced graphic. Using them can turn into a game–hey, isn’t everything you want your kid to do disguised as such? Pre-readers can match his drink to the correct photo, while older kids can show off their newly acquired reading skills. Or, kick it up and notch and make it silly (“What? You put your milk on the lemonade coaster? Does that mean a yellow cow made lemonade?) Yeah, I know; don’t quit my day job…

    In a Nutshell: Get rid of those annoying drink circles on your coffee table, once and for all. Coasters for Kids make for great, unusual stocking stuffers.

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