• washing our hands of germs

    A-choo! In my last post, we covered a product that provides some relief for babies suffering from coughs and colds. This time, the ever-popular hand sanitizer is this season’s best friend in keeping kids and adults healthy when hand-washing isn’t possible. You know how it goes: your preschooler is ready for her snack, but her little hands have just been gripping shopping cart handles as though she were holding on for dear life. Rather than hand over the Goldfish right away, you grab some CleanWell hand sanitizer, apply them to her grubby little hands and voila, snack can be served! This line of hand sanitizing sprays, soaps and wipes come in travel sizes, so you can easily stash them in your purse or diaper bag. Plus, the fact that they are made from natural ingredients found in plants like thyme will put your mind at ease. I love the yummy flavors in the antibacterial hand soap line, especially orange vanilla and spearmint lime. And CleanWell is safe for kids, too.

    In a Nutshell: When you can’t get to a restroom, hand sanitizers save the day–and your sanity.

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