• stress-busters

    Tis the season to be…stressed? How is it that as soon as Halloween is over, the mad holiday rush immediately sets in? You know what I mean: your mailbox is teeming with catalogs galore, the supermarkets have already swapped Christmas trees in place of pumpkins and your kids are drawing up their wish lists faster than the blink of an eye. All the more reason not to let the craziness get to you and instead take some time to pamper yourself. And if you’re a new or expectant mom, you have even more of an excuse for some much-needed TLC. Maclaren’s beginning line of bath and body care products has something for everyone. From the Alleviating Leg Lotion to refresh tired skin, to the Purifying Bath & Shower Elixir to give her an invigorating way to begin her day, moms will truly relish these great-smelling, organic-based products. If you’re looking for an early holiday gift that will relax and soothe via aromatherapy, check out the new Harmony candle that is scented with cinnamon and cloves…pure bliss. And with those cold weather days slowing starting to creep into the calendar, favorites like Calming Bath Milk and Soothing Delicate Soap will be helpful in winding down little ones’ days too.
    In a Nutshell: These skincare products are worth treating your best gal pal–or even yourself. If a name like Cocooning Massage Oil doesn’t make you want to hunker down and chill out, what will?

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