• the view from up here

    Baby chairs are typically low to the ground, keeping little one’s vision at eye level with, well…the floor. The Fresco Fiamma chair from Bloom offers a refreshing perspective that puts your baby right up where the action is. In a show-stopping red contemporary design that’s practically museum-quality, this limited edition seat is the latest version of the company’s Fresco Loft, an adjustable seat that is perched high off the ground and can be reclined to fit a newborn and then adjusted for a school age child. Because of its wide range of height adjustments, the Fresco Fiamma can work at a counter top, dinner table…wherever you are dining–even al fresco, as the name suggests. Plus this seat can swivel at 360 degrees–pretty cool for a fussy baby. The $600 tag may leave you a bit dizzy yourself, but sometimes that’s the price you have pay for high-end style.

    In a Nutshell: If you are a mom who relishes the latest in fashion-forward baby gear, then take a seat; this chair is a conversation piece that will have all your mommy friends talking.

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