• speaking of safety…

    It’s the one of the main baby products category that often gets a bad rap for design; how does one craft a toilet seat lock that’s sexy, after all? Fortunately, some new companies are coming to the drawing board with safety items that are not only durable, but that are aesthetically pleasing. A safety gate that caught our eye is the KiddyGuard Avant from Lascal. This is one gate that you won’t mind installing. Touting a very discreet look, it resembles a large projection screen that stretches across doorways or at the top of the stairs, and “disappears” (or retracts) when not in use. Now you see it, now you don’t! There’s a time-delayed release button, so you can adjust the amount of time needed to close the gate. What’s extra nice is just how quiet it is when closing; you won’t have to worry about “announcing” your exit to a toddler with separation anxiety (know anyone like that?)
    In a Nutshell: You don’t need to compromise your sense of style when it comes to safety; this gate looks as good as it works. The product is just coming to market, so look for it at a store near you this winter.

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