• go green!

    Staunch supporters of the green movement–I mean, all you moms who search high and low for products that better the environment–can get started as soon as your newborn comes home from the hospital. With the greenEARTH line, your little one can experience her first slumber on organic bedding, fitted on an organic mattress, resting in an organic wood cradle. The company originally known for its high quality nursery decor and artistic furnishings leaves no stone unturned in making greenEARTH healthy for tender newborn skin. The cradles are made from hardwoods that are harvested naturally (read: no chemicals or pesticides) and are finished with non-toxic water-based products. The bedding and mattress are both made from organic cotton and don’t contain any PVCs, vinyl or other harmful substances. And if you thought it couldn’t get any safer than that, the bedding comes in a recyclable tote and the hang tag is actually a seed card that can be planted to grow flowers.

    In a Nutshell: Outfitted in organic bedding that’s safe for the environment and your baby. Now that makes for sound sleeping.

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