• baby goes to the spa

    You might not think your little one could possibly be experiencing any stress in her young life. (After all, she has someone to cater to her every move, lots of love and attention from your family…what’s not to like?) But if you were also blessed with a bundle of colicky nerves, there’s one routine that can either cause you further anxiety or you can make it your saving grace. I’m talking about bathtime. Sure, it can be a big sudsy funfest for older kids, but some infants seem to find it exciting as a day at the dentist. When my younger daughter was born, my older girl couldn’t wait until she could be alongside her in the tub. We were both unpleasantly surprised to discover just how much she hated it! Maybe if we had a Spa Baby tub, it could have been all bubbles and bliss. This product joins the rising number of European-inspired upright tubs for babies. You may recall the washPOD that we reported on this past spring. Spa Baby follows a similar concept, offering a clear-walled round-shaped tub (as opposed to the standard longer walls design). It also sports more of a bowl shape as compared to the cylindrical look of the washPOD. The idea of being able to bath baby while she’s in a fetal position is meant to resemble the womb and be calming to your little one. (Maybe she won’t fuss as much because she also has less space to move around!). One caveat moms should note: This tub is designed for infants up to 10 months, although I suspect that age could go even younger and is up to the mom’s discretion and baby’s comfort level.

    In a Nutshell: This is one trend that appears to be catching on with moms looking for a way to bond and that is bound to be big at baby showers.

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    1. Donna

      Plus, you can fill it up with other baby items and wrap it like a gift basket. Wonderful!

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