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    No matter how spacious your home is, space-saving products are always a hit with moms. (Just take a look around your house to see just how many kid items have “taken over” your surroundings. See what I mean?) So when a company designs a product that’s not only practical, but stylish, it’s a real win. The minui HandySitt Chair falls directly into this category. This high chair is extremely forgiving when it comes to taking up space, especially in the kitchen where it seems you can never have enough room. The chair can be attached to most dining room chairs, transforming them into high chairs that can accommodate older children as well (up to 5 years). Because it’s compact and portable (weighing in at just 5 lbs.), you can take it with you. And if you have a mother’s little helper during mealtime, the chair can be used at counter top or even as a step ladder for tough-to-reach spots.

    In a Nutshell: The name may point to being miniature, but there’s nothing small about the amount of versatility this chair affords.

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