• keeping a bib on it

    How crushed I was when my 15-month-old ruined a monogrammed bib that a friend had given as a baby gift. By “ruined,” I mean a stain that wouldn’t just come out, no matter how much we “Shout”ed it out, as my 5-year-old has dubbed our official spot removal treatment. (Of course, why anyone would give a pristine white bib as a gift is beside the point.) And then when the sleeves on one of her cutest shirts–outfitted with little red anchors–was covered in fruit sauce, I realized that this ship too had sailed. Aren’t bibs supposed to prevent, or at least minimize, clothing disasters? That’s why I was intrigued by Baggino’s Learner’s Bib,which feature an extra long front and long sleeves for extra protection. At first glance, the bib looks more like a dress and I was admittedly a bit wary of getting it on my fussy daughter. (Getting her into her highchair is enough of a fight sometimes.) But it was easier than I thought, as I simply slipped her arms inside the sleeves and closed the Velcro at the back of her neck. The bib worked like a miniature artist’s smock and I didn’t mind one bit if a rainbow of veggies ended up on it, as long as it meant her clothes stayed clean. Lucky for me, the bib is machine-washable. It just may need a bit of “Shout”ing out.

    In a Nutshell: If you find more food landing on your child’s clothes than in her tummy, this bib will keep her covered and clean.

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