• “backpack”-to-school

    You know the drill: The night before the first day of school, you dutifully set out your child’s outfit and all of her necessities (and if you’re one of those parents who is not loving this later-than-usual start to the new school year, you may have picked out your essentials weeks ago!). No matter when you began your preparations, a child-sized backpack is sure to be on your list. My quest was to find something that was not only the right size for my kindergartner’s small frame, but one that she could easily locate in a sea of similar looking styles hanging in the coat closet. The new line of Skip Hop Zoo Packs are not only whimsical in their design, but just enough of a pack not to break little backs. (While those over-sized backpacks may illicit a chuckle, they just aren’t practical.) The Zoo Packs have just enough space to tote your child’s lunch, crayons…all the “bear” necessities. I like the roomy insulated front pocket for packing snack. Available in four animal designs (monkey, dog penguin and mouse), the Zoo Packs are a fun way to send your little off to school with personality.

    In a Nutshell: A backpack that doesn’t break your kid’s back? The Zoo Packs are just right for your little wild thing!

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