• a nursing mom’s saving grace

    Breastfeeding your baby is one of the many choices you make as a new mom, and for many, one you may struggle with before you get the hang of it. I decided to bottle-feed both my daughters, but the mom friends who nursed their babies have shared their stories of both the upside–the tremendous bonding–and the downside (soreness, intense commitment and oh, the soreness). When I heard about the Shower Hug, a product designed to give some extra support and comfort to nursing moms, I wondered if it might make a difference. I can remember that even just after giving birth, I was a bit anxious when showering for the first time; the soothing spray that felt so wonderful on my back while pregnant was now a potential source of pain. I can only imagine what a nursing mom might be feeling as she steps into the shower everyday. I checked in with a friend who is currently nursing her infant son and she admitted to not having the easiest time with showering. When I told her about the Shower Hug, she seemed a bit skeptical, but was willing to hear more about it. What she likes is that it really doesn’t look like a nursing bra, but more like something you might wear at a spa (hey, us moms will find anyway to feel good about ourselves!). It’s a bandeau top made from super-soft terry velour meant for soothing sensitive skin. And what’s nice that it not only works in the shower as a protective wrap, but feels good worn during the day and even while sleeping.

    In a Nutshell: If breastfeeding has turned you into a bit of a shower-phobe, this wrap will give you a little comfort. You’ll welcome sudsing up once again. Now, to conquer showering undisturbed…

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