Monthly Archives: May 2009

putting the “ohhhh” in yogurt

Baby yogurt. It’s one of the first foods I remember giving my older daughter (who, incidentally, turns 5 today!). She gobbled it up and that made me feel that as a new mom, I was doing something right. The brand I purchased by the six-pack was Stonyfield Farm’s YoBaby and five years later, it’s the same name that I’m feeding my 1-year-old. YoBaby organic yogurt’s texture is creamy and it goes down easy–a big plus for finicky eaters. And if your little one is teething like mine is, this yogurt is refreshing on sore gums and nutritious to boot. The line has just been enhanced with the addition of more zinc (for boosting immune systems) and vitamin D (for better growth support). If you haven’t yet tried YoBaby, now is the time. If you e-mail me at, you can enter to receive five free YoBaby coupons, a YoBaby bowl with lid and a YoBaby bib (pictured here). Bon appetit!

In a Nutshell: Portable nutrition is something all busy moms can appreciate. Give your baby her daily calcium and other essential vitamins whether she’s dining on the go or at home. Just don’t forget the spoon!

tubtime made easy

Washing a newborn isn’t easy on moms’ backs. With one hand steadying your baby as you try to wash her with the other doesn’t make bathtime good clean fun for anybody. Prince Lionheart has come out with the washPOD, a tub designed to make bathtime a bit more relaxing for babies while being kind to your lower back (haven’t you torn enough muscles already just lifting that bulky diaper bag?)What I like about the washPOD is that it works on the floor inside of the tub–a plus right off the bat since you are not bending over as low as you would with your standard tub. Just fill the washPOD inside your bath, lift it out and wash your little one sitting upright. (It doesn’t need a lot of water to fill, so it’s not terribly heavy.) The high side walls protect your baby, banishing any worries that she won’t be secure while bathing. After your baby is clean and swaddled, you can use the washPOD’s handles to carry and dump the dirty bathwater into your tub or sink. Extra bonus: this tub is see-through, which gives you a closer look at getting to those hard-to-reach spots. The washPOD works best for ages 0-6 months.

In a Nutshell: Bathtime doesn’t have to be a back-breaking experience any longer, and your baby may feel like she’s back in the womb–even if just for a brief respite.

Hats off to the birthday girl

Today is my younger daughter’s 1st birthday and oddly enough, it’s a day that is marked by the weather. Since she was born in the wee hours of the morning, we left for the hospital in the dark. As my husband pulled the car out of the garage and got my older daughter into her car seat, I stood in the driveway and couldn’t help but notice the balmy breezes that blew off the water. The wild weather seemed to say, “Something is brewing and something unusual is about to take place.” It was the kind of wind that would blow a hat right off your head. One year later, the weather couldn’t be more beautiful: an azure, cloudless sky and just the hint of a breeze. How fitting then that my daughter dons a special kind of birthday hat: a stylish sun hat from Kokopax. What I like about the Savannah Baby Sun Hat is the unfussy strap that fits under my little one’s chin without a feeling of discomfort. It’s crushable, so I can fold it up and pop it right into our beach bag, and it’s made of cotton canvas so it breathes easy on summer skin. Two prints, sailor and espresso, are bound to suit your little fashionista and by giving her the sun protection she needs, be it at the park, beach or simply swinging in the backyard, you’ll feel good about this purchase. Readers can receive a 10-percent discounts on their orders by using code talkwt2009. Coordinating soft carriers and totes are also available; I may just have to get a bag for myself! Happy Birthday, little one…

In a Nutshell: When you’re on the go with your little one, you can look good and feel good about keeping her safe from the summer sun.

soak up the sun…safely

When it comes to sunscreen protection, it pays to be diligent. Take it from me, a skin cancer survivor (and daughter of one, too). When I was pregnant with my older daughter, my OB pointed out a growth on the side of my face that he suggested I get checked. It took me a few years to finally muster up the courage to get this progressive growth examined. I was fortunate that this form of cancer was detected in its early stages. After a rather invasive surgical procedure, I was thankful to put the experience behind me–and vowed to always use sunscreen on both myself and my children. In honor of National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, time-honored favorite Coppertone and another forward-thinking company, MD Moms, are each offering lines of suncreen products for parents and children that deserve mention. One whiff of Coppertone, and I’m immediately transported to the beach and all things summer. It doesn’t take much to convince me to slather on the company’s latest lotions. For moms and dads, there’s Coppertone NutraShield in formulas for body and face, and available in SPF 30 or 70. For babies and kids, there’s a new WaterBabies Pure & Simple, made with zinc oxide, and also a SPF 70+ version. The economy-size bottles will get you through an entire summer, and are perfect for stashing in your beach bag. If you’re a mom on the go–and who isn’t it, especially in the summertime?–you’ll really come to appreciate MD Moms baby silk babysafe sunscreen towelettes in their handy dispenser. They work in a flash and are great for kids who can’t seem to keep still long enough for you to apply suntan lotion (you know the ones). I like that the company is as its name proclaims: two moms who are also pediatricians, which gives me more confidence that I’m protecting my kids the right way. What’s more, during the month of May, MD Moms will donate 10 percent of its Web sales to the Skin Cancer Foundation. And all summer long, anyone who orders online will receive a free sunscreen single with the purchase of $25 or more, as well as free shipping and handling. Just use the promo code SUMMER through 9/4/09. If you want to give them a try firsthand, post a comment to me and one lucky recipient will be able to receive some free samples.

In a Nutshell: Skin cancer prevention isn’t something to take lightly; it’s vital to long-term healthy living. You take good care of your children all year. Now be sure to take care of yourself, so you can be around to watch them grow.