• music to your baby’s ears?

    Moms-to-be are taught to believe that their babies, upon hearing their spoken or singing voice in utero, will recognize it after they are born. It’s a comforting thought and one that has proven research behind it. BabyChime ,a company that makes necklaces that produce a melodious sound as they gently knock against pregnant bellies, claims to do just that. While this might make for a sweet gift for a new mother–after all, what expectant mother doesn’t appreciate a little indulgence, especially when her body image may not be so confident?–it shouldn’t be the reason to buy this product. The company offers testimonials from satisfied customers, as well as prenatal research to back up its product’s benefits on its Web site. However, no research has been conducted on the proven benefits of the BabyChimes themselves.

    In a Nutshell: These chimes may be pretty, but the company’s pitch to lure moms into buying a product hits a sour note.

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