• feeding that goes down easy

    Every so often, a product comes along that demonstrates ingenuity and forward thinking, that seeks to solve a problem rather than creating a solution for something that made you think as a parent, “Is this something my baby really needs?” If your baby is about to embark upon the adventure of her first solids, then this product may be a helpful companion. The Flowspoon aims to help babies ages 4-7 months transition from bottle/breastfeeding to liquid-based cereal off a spoon. And if you’ve ever tried to whet your child’s appetite, you know well that a goopy rice cereal mixture is hardly a palatable first dish; more food appears on their faces than in their tummies, or so you may fear. This specially designed spoon may put your worries to rest, luckily. Its cleverly shaped design, featuring a wide open end in which to scoop up the food and small opening on the other end from which your baby will sip, works wonders. You’ll be able to watch your child eat just a little at a time, without wasting food and keeping up with her ability to swallow small bites. It may seem a bit awkward to use at first–this isn’t the silver spoon you ate from as a baby–but after a few uses, you’ll be up to speed and practically in a feeding frenzy.

    In a Nutshell: Given this product’s highly functional design, you won’t mind swallowing a few extra bucks for the headaches it prevents.

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