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a grown-up tea party

No matter if you’re expecting, a first-time mom or a seasoned veteran, all moms come to know–and appreciate–the benefit of sitting down, putting their feet up and taking a breather every now and then. It may not happen as often as we might like it, but we know it does a world of good to pay attention to our own well-being, whether it be a soak in the tub, a magazine or book to read undisturbed or the simple act of brewing a cup of tea. This Mother’s Day, moms have an opportunity to treat themselves to just that, thanks to a new promotion from Earth Mama Angel Baby , makers of high-end skincare for moms and babies, as well as specialty teas–a full line of goods to pamper and sooth. In celebration of mom, the company is brewing up its Tea Party-in-a-Box event, hosted at participating stores throughout the country. Moms will be able to sip and savor a variety of the company’s organic teas, including ones for queasy tummies, breastfeeding moms and those who just want to take a moment. And frankly, who needs an excuse to do that? And if that isn’t enough to lure you away, party goers will have a chance to enter to win a gift basket brimming with teas and other treats. To find a store near you, check out the Mama’s Day Tea Party .

In a Nutshell: If it feels like your cup runneth over a little too often, this is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. Bring a girlfriend or your own mom along.

warming up to the idea of washable wipes

Who knew that reusable wipes would become a “hot”–or should we say, “warm”–trend? Last month, we reported on the Bummas line of cloth baby wipes. Today, in honor of Earth Day, we are highlighting Prince Lionheart’s Warmies Wipe Warmer, a device that works with its own line of eco-friendly washable baby wipes (four are included). Prince Lionheart has done a lot to make this item particularly attractive to green-minded moms. Its Warmies are fashioned from bamboo cloth that is anti-bacterial, undyed and unbleached–that means no harsh chemicals will touch your tot’s rear, and you can save a tree. Plus, this warming device has been designed with a special antibacterial ingredient–approved by the EPA, no less–that reduces the growth of bacteria…a fancy way of saying that it’s sanitary and clean. There’s even a nightlight on the side for those 3 a.m. poopy changes–no fumbling in the dark for you. Moms who have been around the block may remember that the company issued a recall of its wipes warmer several years ago due to electrical problems. But it looks like the company has done its homework and now joins the ever-growing brigade of green-minded baby products companies. Stay tuned for many more like-minded players in this space.

In a Nutshell: If you’re looking for the latest earthy baby product and think your little one’s derriere is deserving of some TLC, then this one is for you. My own kids were never treated this well and instead were subjected to the cool, wet world of commercial wipes. Hey, it’s never too early that life can be cruel…

feeding that goes down easy

Every so often, a product comes along that demonstrates ingenuity and forward thinking, that seeks to solve a problem rather than creating a solution for something that made you think as a parent, “Is this something my baby really needs?” If your baby is about to embark upon the adventure of her first solids, then this product may be a helpful companion. The Flowspoon aims to help babies ages 4-7 months transition from bottle/breastfeeding to liquid-based cereal off a spoon. And if you’ve ever tried to whet your child’s appetite, you know well that a goopy rice cereal mixture is hardly a palatable first dish; more food appears on their faces than in their tummies, or so you may fear. This specially designed spoon may put your worries to rest, luckily. Its cleverly shaped design, featuring a wide open end in which to scoop up the food and small opening on the other end from which your baby will sip, works wonders. You’ll be able to watch your child eat just a little at a time, without wasting food and keeping up with her ability to swallow small bites. It may seem a bit awkward to use at first–this isn’t the silver spoon you ate from as a baby–but after a few uses, you’ll be up to speed and practically in a feeding frenzy.

In a Nutshell: Given this product’s highly functional design, you won’t mind swallowing a few extra bucks for the headaches it prevents.

music to your baby’s ears?

Moms-to-be are taught to believe that their babies, upon hearing their spoken or singing voice in utero, will recognize it after they are born. It’s a comforting thought and one that has proven research behind it. BabyChime ,a company that makes necklaces that produce a melodious sound as they gently knock against pregnant bellies, claims to do just that. While this might make for a sweet gift for a new mother–after all, what expectant mother doesn’t appreciate a little indulgence, especially when her body image may not be so confident?–it shouldn’t be the reason to buy this product. The company offers testimonials from satisfied customers, as well as prenatal research to back up its product’s benefits on its Web site. However, no research has been conducted on the proven benefits of the BabyChimes themselves.

In a Nutshell: These chimes may be pretty, but the company’s pitch to lure moms into buying a product hits a sour note.