Monthly Archives: March 2009

A balm for your baby’s bum

Diaper rash is one of these inevitable parts of motherhood; at one time or another, you’ll find yourself baffled at how to rid your baby of this pesky problem. Once you’ve exhausted all those fancy ointments and creams, you might find yourself turning to a seemingly unlikely solution–a dry wipe–that may just do the trick. Bummas pleasantly surprised me at how well they help clear up lingering diaper rash. When regular wet wipes weren’t enough, I used a soft Bummas resusable cloth (with a little water) on my 10-month-old’s bottom instead. In a less than a week, her skin was noticeably less raw and we were confident we’d be bidding adieu to that red rash. What’s more, I found Bummas wipes to come in handy during other unlikely mothering moments, such as when wiping her nose on the go or cleaning her face during mealtime. When I consider how quickly I go through baby wipes, it’s great to have a cloth wipe I can toss in with her laundry and use over and over. The multipack of 10 wipes kept me supplied for a week, so I found I was well-equipped how whatever mess came my way.

“shouldering” the burden of a sleeping babe

How not to wake a sleeping baby without having your shoulder cramp up? Now that’s a problem worth fixing…It amazes me that a new category of baby gear can be marketed as a “must-have” item. I’m talking about the Shoulder Pillow from iaxisi, a support device whose name lacks originality, but whose purpose is self-explanatory. Billed as an ergonomic pillow that is contoured to fit a parent’s shoulder, it claims to provide comfort and security to both sleeping child and said caregiver–and “look good while doing it” (the pillow comes in a number of whimsical, kid-friendly prints). Well, unless the Mommy Fashion Police are staked out in my home, I’m not sure I’ll be worrying about my appearance (I’ve got dried spit-up down my shirt, anyhow). This product does gets points for clever, compact packaging that may catch your eye while perusing the aisles. Take a closer look, though, at those parent quotes on the box, saying their 1- and 2-year-olds “can’t leave home without it [the pillow].” Geez, if my 1-year-old can verbalize her preferences, maybe she’ll be able to tell me she needs her very own American Express card next.
In A Nutshell: a comfy towel might cushion your little one’s head just as well in a pinch–and you can wipe off that spit-up with it, too.

what a kick!

Most bouncer seats defy their names; babies might be able to move around in them a bit, but their motion is fairly limited. If you have an active infant who is not content to sit, then this is the seat for your baby! The Kickin’ Coaster from Learning Curve gives little ones a chance to flex their muscles–and then some. Thanks to a footprint-decorated kick plate at the base of the seat, your baby will be able to push off, rocking herself up and down and stretching her growing limbs. (No feelings of confinement here!). My 9-month-old is a poster child for a seat like this, considering she’d rather be on the move than cooped up anywhere. What gives me peace of mind is that I can keep her in one spot while giving her the freedom and entertainment she craves. (The seat is also equipped with two toys that bob along with her as she bounces and music, too). And when it looks like she’s had enough, I can turn on the locking device and it becomes a stationary seat. Unfortunately, our days with the Kickin’ Coaster are numbered, as it’s recommended for babies from birth up to 25 lbs. But for now, we’re getting a kick out of watching her go!