• Skincare therapy

    Call it the winter of my discontent…after seemingly endless weeks of snow days, sick kids and a sick husband to boot, it seemed fitting that a baby lotion named Calm landed on my desk–and onto my little one’s skin. My 9-month-old was finally the victim of her first cold and even though she was smiling through her sniffles, I knew a little TLC was just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Natalie Geary, actually. This New York City-based pediatrician, recently launched vedaPURE, her own line of skincare specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin. The vedaBABY collection goes on smooth and creamy, practically quenching parched skin. It works great just after a bath and even better right before bedtime, especially on these bone-chilling nights as of late. Products with names like Soothe body cream, Calm moisturizing cream and Butter body cream are enough to make you envious of your little one. But fear not: a complementary vedaMAMA line also works wonders on tired mommy skin, especially when your idea of a spa is five minutes undisturbed behind a closed bathroom door. At $30 and $50 a pop for each cream in the baby and mom collections, you may need to reserve it for those especially taxing days. But when you do indulge, vedaPURE will be the best medicine.

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