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    February 25, 2009Uncategorized1 Comment

    Baby food that doesn’t taste–or look–like baby food? Now that’s a novel idea. And it isn’t difficult to find a range of choices at your local supermarket. The question is: are you willing to pay more for organic? Many moms are saying “yes,” especially when it comes to feeding their baby. The benefits of DHA are highly recommended, making the purchase practically a no-brainer. I considered myself a tough sell, though. Having fed my older daughter standard jarred selections four years ago, I felt confident that I’d nourished her just fine. Nevertheless, we decided to throw caution to the wind and sample some of the new flavors from Plum Organics, a company that touts popularity among new moms and its celebrity following. Hey, if it’s good enough for Matthew McConaughey’s kid, why not give it a try? After thawing two of the frozen selections–pumpkin banana and super greens (a medley of peas, spinach and green beans)–we were ready to go. My 9-month-old, who’d never turn down a bottle, purportedly spit out the first selection. Still no go after a few more attempts, so we moved on to super greens. Not so super. It appeared a bit watery, so I was initially skeptical. Upon further examination, the texture was gummy and looked more like Jell-O than veggies. Once again, my daughter was not impressed and frankly, neither was I. And when I considered that a 2-pack of 4 oz. containers was nearly $4, I nearly shouted, “Oh baby!” Looks like Tori Spelling and I won’t be shopping for the same baby items after all (sigh…).

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    1. Snack-Girl

      I wrote a website about making your own healthy food and then feeding some to your baby. I think that is much easier than buying baby food – though if they like the purchased food, then who cares?
      (but I guess your kid didn’t)
      Here is the link and I hope it is of interest.

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