Monthly Archives: February 2009

food for thought

Baby food that doesn’t taste–or look–like baby food? Now that’s a novel idea. And it isn’t difficult to find a range of choices at your local supermarket. The question is: are you willing to pay more for organic? Many moms are saying “yes,” especially when it comes to feeding their baby. The benefits of DHA are highly recommended, making the purchase practically a no-brainer. I considered myself a tough sell, though. Having fed my older daughter standard jarred selections four years ago, I felt confident that I’d nourished her just fine. Nevertheless, we decided to throw caution to the wind and sample some of the new flavors from Plum Organics, a company that touts popularity among new moms and its celebrity following. Hey, if it’s good enough for Matthew McConaughey’s kid, why not give it a try? After thawing two of the frozen selections–pumpkin banana and super greens (a medley of peas, spinach and green beans)–we were ready to go. My 9-month-old, who’d never turn down a bottle, purportedly spit out the first selection. Still no go after a few more attempts, so we moved on to super greens. Not so super. It appeared a bit watery, so I was initially skeptical. Upon further examination, the texture was gummy and looked more like Jell-O than veggies. Once again, my daughter was not impressed and frankly, neither was I. And when I considered that a 2-pack of 4 oz. containers was nearly $4, I nearly shouted, “Oh baby!” Looks like Tori Spelling and I won’t be shopping for the same baby items after all (sigh…).

Skincare therapy

Call it the winter of my discontent…after seemingly endless weeks of snow days, sick kids and a sick husband to boot, it seemed fitting that a baby lotion named Calm landed on my desk–and onto my little one’s skin. My 9-month-old was finally the victim of her first cold and even though she was smiling through her sniffles, I knew a little TLC was just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Natalie Geary, actually. This New York City-based pediatrician, recently launched vedaPURE, her own line of skincare specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin. The vedaBABY collection goes on smooth and creamy, practically quenching parched skin. It works great just after a bath and even better right before bedtime, especially on these bone-chilling nights as of late. Products with names like Soothe body cream, Calm moisturizing cream and Butter body cream are enough to make you envious of your little one. But fear not: a complementary vedaMAMA line also works wonders on tired mommy skin, especially when your idea of a spa is five minutes undisturbed behind a closed bathroom door. At $30 and $50 a pop for each cream in the baby and mom collections, you may need to reserve it for those especially taxing days. But when you do indulge, vedaPURE will be the best medicine.

traveling made simpler

A myriad of products devoted to smoother traveling with kids dot store shelves, but who frankly wants to lug around even more stuff? The Snack & Travel Tray from Star Kids Products is one item worth stashing in your car when you’re on the go with tots in tow. We put it to use in two ways and both times, were amazed at just how handy it came in. My 4-year-old, who always has something in her hands when we’re in the car for extended periods, used the tray to hold her books and games. No need to worry about them dropping on the side, out of reach, because she had everything directly in front of her on a flat surface. Pockets on the side held extra tissues–a big plus during this time of year when it seems like kids are blowing their nose every five minutes. Once we reached our destination and it was time for my 9-month-old to be fed, the tray easily affixed to her stroller. And getting rid of that messy dried baby food was easier than I thought, as the vinyl surfaces wipes clean. I’m not a huge fan of traveling with kids–who is, right?–but this product made the ride a bit less bumpy. And I’m all for no turbulence.

fancy–and functional–footwear

Shoe shopping for kids can be as exciting as shopping for a new pair of jeans for yourself–and you know how that goes. The styles range from red hearts and Dora the Explorer for girls, to basic black or brown for boys and after a while, everything begins to look the same. When I discovered pediped shoes a few years ago, I thought I’d finally struck gold. My daughter was a late walker, so I was especially conscious of investing in a pair of shoes that were flexible and not like those orthopedic-style walking shoes of yesteryear (sorry, Mom). Not only are pedipeds fashionable, but they’re easy on little feet. Their soft soles are much like walking barefoot–and we know how much kids relish that! Today, the line has expanded to include shoes for both babies and preschoolers, and run from 0-24 months (Originals) and size 5-12 1/2 (Flex) for kids. This year’s spring/summer collection boasts sleek sandals and colorful party shoes (like the Abigail style, featured here) that will stand out in the crowd. Yes, kids outgrow their shoes faster than the blink of an eye, but while they’re wearing them, let them put their best feet forward.