Monthly Archives: January 2009

pregnancy and beyond

Boy, did I wish I had Pam Socolow’s Family Facts Pregnancy Planner ( last year when I was expecting. If you consider yourself an uber-organizer, then this is the mother of all planners–and one that won’t make you feel like you’ve got Pregnancy Brain. There’s a month-by-month calendar that gives you the big picture, but that’s pretty standard. The best parts, however, are the tabbed sections: contacts, health and baby planning. Can’t remember if your sonogram was scheduled for this week or next week? Or whether you are rH negative? Now you have just the place to jot it all down. The mini binder-style notebook lets you pull out pages easily for handy references and it fits right in your bag. And if you consider yourself a bit of a Nervous Nelly, there’s plenty of space for you to capture your latest musings, from favorite baby names to advice tidbits from family and friends–and even a place to vent out the unsolicited stuff, too! A place in the back to stash those shower gift receipts completes the package. Now, if only motherhood could be this smooth…

got cravings?

You don’t need to be pregnant to crave some sinfully rich chocolate every now and then–and if you spend your days with the 5 and under crowd, you’re entitled to some at the end of each day. (Think of it as your reward for a job well done–or at least for not having murdered anyone.) And with all the medical reports of late lauding the health benefits of dark chocolate, (in limited doses, of course), who needs an excuse? One company’s confectionery worth checking out is Nutty Steph’s ( Her eclectic mix of ingredients might have you scratching your head, but one taste of the stuff and you’ll never doubt your cravings again. Standouts include Coffee and Donuts Milk Chocolate, Tropical Intercourse (yup, you heard it right) and my favorite, a concoction of cranberries, pine nuts and popcorn folded into dark chocolate. If you’re expecting, you might give the Salami & Paprika Dark Chocolate a whirl. Now there’s no need to send your hubby out to the grocery store at 3 a.m.

welcome back

To say a lot has happened since my last entry would be an understatement. I gave birth to a new baby–my second daughter, Presleigh, born last May. Since then, I’ve been learning how to juggle new motherhood once again, but this time with a preschooler along for the ride. At times, it’s been more challenging than I could have imagined, but I find myself closing both girls’ bedroom doors each evening, confident that I have done the best I could manage for that day.

Now, eight months later, we’ve settled into our new routine and I’m able to carve out more time for my writing….which brings me to mt new venture: the chance to harness my experience as a professional published writer who knows the baby and kids’ business like the back of her hand, and take it to the high-tech world with a dedicated blog. I’ll be using this space to evaluate the latest products as they cross my desk, and give my readers an informed review not only as a parent, but as a knowledgeable, educated journalist.

I invite you to join me as I explore the never tiresome, always interesting world of baby and children’s products. It’s a lot like parenting itself…